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Raymarching Character Control

Here I venture into the intricate processes of raymarching, with a specific focus on integrating 3D Signed Distance Fields (SDFs) with skeletal animations. This approach has allowed me to experiment with creating characters that are both sculpted in a unique manner and animated procedurally.

The core idea of this project was to create a character controller that allowed for blending between separate physical forms seamlessly. By utilizing smooth minimum equations to blend the SDFs, I was able to create a meta-shape effect that lended itself to my initial goals.

Above is a demonstration of the character controller in action, where the raymarching technique is used to render a character select screen in my most recent work in progress [Jungle Jym]


For demonstration, here is a render created with this method. As can be seen above, the system I developed (although still under development) can be used to render more complicated SDFs and potential character shapes in the future.