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Jungle Jym

[Jonny Hopkins] and I have joined forces to create Jungle Jym, a multiplayer party-game where players take on the roles of animals playing sports!

Image 1

RAGBALL is a team-based active ragdoll soccer game for 2-4 players. Stumble around the field and kick, header, or dash your way into scoring a goal on your opponent!

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BEET DOWN is a beetle wrestling free-for all game for 2-4 players. Lumber around as a b-tl and try to flip over your opponent! Don’t fall out of the tree! Each beetle additionally controls its own drum track, making each game a uniquely soundtracked wrestling match.

Image 3

ROG FRACE is a frog racing game for 2-3 players! Maneuver through a playground obstacle course through hopping and grappling with your tongue! Beware, you can also latch on to other players!

Image 4

TURTLE TAG is a team-based path tracing game for 2-4 players! Each player controls their own turtle on a scooter. With only the ability to use their left or right flipper for forward propulsion, players must trace a path around the ball to score points or stun opponents!

Jungle Jym is a collection of animal sports created to study slapstick humor and sports design in games using a ground-up approach to the game development pipeline, including our own custom physics, animation, and procedural visuals.

This project was on display at the [Parsons Spiraling Ashore Pop Up Show] and its alpha itch page can be found below: