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SUM is, in many ways, my firstborn. It is a snapshot of my growth as a game-developer. Through its chaos, one runs into my experimentations and learnings as a video game programmer. SUM is an all-in-one experience that explores platforming, narrative, horror, vehicle simulation, dance-parties, slice-of-life, boss battles, existentialism, and despair! It is truly a project where I managed to spread my arms and embrace as much as I could.


SUM was partitioned into a series of mini-games. Once I conceptualized the overarching story-line, it was a matter of creating smaller games weekly that would later link into each other. Due to the nature of the project, portraying every step of my process would be unreasonable in this portfolio, as each game was approached from a completely different standpoint, with little to know experience in that type of creation. I figured it all out as I created it, and it was just a matter of sitting down, and problem-solving all the tiny things I wanted to implement. Below, the various stages of SUM can be previewed.

I urge you to try it out and see the fruits a growing game developer can bear, as apocalyptic as they may appear!