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Skybox Editor


The journey of creating the Skybox Editor was one born out of a necessity to simplify the typically cumbersome process of iterating skyboxes, streamlining what was once an arduous pipeline. This endeavor led me to develop a tool that facilitates quick adjustments and previews, addressing the gap I found while relying on random assets from the Unity Asset Store over the years.


Preview Window

The development process involved designing an editor window that generates a simplified representation of the final skybox. This feature was implemented to aid developers in visualizing their work without the need to adjust their viewport to have the sky in frame, ensuring a more intuitive design experience.

Filtering Modes

Through the Skybox Editor, developers have the flexibility to choose between Point, Bilinear, or Trilinear filtering. This selection aims to empower creators to fine-tune their environments, enhancing the visual appeal of their projects with tailored skybox textures.

Resolution Flexibility

This aspect of the tool allows for various resolution settings, accommodating different levels of detail and performance needs. It enhances the adaptability of skybox visuals across diverse project requirements.

Load/Save Support

Offering comprehensive load and save functionality, the Skybox Editor manages the creation and navigation of skybox assets, allowing users to stay organized and easily access their past creations.


Here is the project repo and below is the current, live README where you can find download links & instructions