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Goo Goo Grapplers


Goo Goo Grapplers is an ongoing project of mine. GGG is a MOBA, a fighting game, and a tower defense experience mashed into a tiny arena. If I had to give this a Steam description, it would be as follows (subject to much improvement): 'Babies dish it out to obliterate their opponents cradles. Summon cribmates from the shop to aid you in your battles as you dominate the battlefield!'

coming 2024

Procedural Sprite Animation

As seen on the first GIF above, this project served as great practice in procedural animation, particularly in a 2D environment. Inspired by the Rain World developer team, I set out to create dynamic and 'bendy' pixel sprites that would react to player input and character movement. All character animations (with the exception of particle effects) are being created procedurally.

proc anim

Finite State Machines

Given the nature of a fighting games, I found this project to be an opportunity to explore the full potential of finite state machines in game development. By charting out character states and transition conditions, a system was created that allowed for smooth programming and organization. Below a simplified version for visible accessibility:

state machine chart


GGG was also an incredible exercise in combat feel and physics! Hitstun, endlag, delay, stickyness, bounce, and impact were all deeply explored to make a fighting system that felt rewarding, despite its minimalism.

combat ggg