Cool Kid Chat 2.0

a testament to the true essence of cool and the ultimate destination for the elite conversationalist 😎

Transcending the banality of messaging applications, our messaging grounds have become a playing field for the quick-witted and the quick-fingered. Do you have what it takes? Let your words be the judge!

Cool Kid Chat 2.0 is web-based chat application that experiments with lobby sizes to satirically reflect the social dynamics of youth culture. With a simple click, users can enter the chat party; however, the privilege to message is granted only to those lucky enough to be identified as 'cool.' Limited to a party size of four, those not selected face a challenging reality. They receive a message stating "ur not invited" while still being able to watch the interactions of the cool kids from the sidelines. As an observer, you're presented with a choice: leave the chat with your dignity intact or quietly wait for an opportunity to join the coveted cool kid group.

*** the chat on this page is live! message the other cool kids who might happen to be on the server!